About Dr. Taaka Cash

Growing up in the medically underserved Mississippi Delta, I have personally experienced the unfortunate effects of those lacking mental health support in rural and underserved communities. I watched as family, friends, and neighbors suffered behaviorally, socially, educationally and sometimes even physically. Sadly, these everyday battles were mostly the manifestations of very treatable disorders.

Today I am happy to announce that Privy Oasis, LLC has introduced Teleconnect Incorporated as one of our premier services. The goal of Teleconnect Incorporated is to provide quality behavioral health services by promoting accessible, individualized, and cost-effective care via the videoconferencing. Teleconnect Incorporated can be especially beneficial for anyone who is challenged in the ability to access quality, cost-effective mental health care.

Dr. Taaka Cash, DNP, MPH, MSN, RN, FPMHNP-BC is certified through the American Nursing Credentialing Center as an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) in Child, Adolescent, and Adult Psychiatry with prescriptive authority.

A Note From Dr. Taaka Cash:

Mental illness manifests in each individual differently. Unlike a cold where everyone gets similar symptoms, each person has their own battles, and we all have to overcome them in different ways. But the differences that we have are actually our gifts, and each and every one of us has something special inside.

Are you struggling with depression, anxiety, fear, grief, anger, relationship issues, mood disorders, or addictions that are holding you back from your true purpose?

TODAY can be the new beginning of opportunities and experiences that will allow you to make everlasting changes.

BE BRAVE. There are many people, myself included, that have felt paralyzed for fear of failure or simply not knowing where to start. But think about how many opportunities you’ve missed because you doubted the capacity of your simple, everyday choices.

BE READY. Just by being here and existing today, you have already refused to allow life’s challenges to paralyze you. And when you begin to utilize those very challenges to create personal transformation, they become a catalyst to unleashing your extraordinary greatness.

BE SUPPORTED. I believe in you. You were designed with purpose and meant for greatness. Change requires resilience, tenacity, hope, and endurance. It means being uncomfortable. It means being pushed when you aren’t motivated. It means thriving when you can’t see the other side. I encourage you to reach out today and allow me to provide you with caring, evidence-based support as you start tackling the old roadblocks that have been keeping you from your very best life.

BE CONTAGIOUS WITH CHANGE. Every change begins with an action. The action…pouring more into yourself. The change…the extraordinary transformation that will happen within you—and consequently, the world around you.

We are here! We are listening! We care!


Dr. Taaka Cash