Be Contagious With Change

A Personal Note From Dr. Taaka Cash:

Today, as you enter a new phase in your life, everyone will have their own advice for you as far as your healing goes. My only recommendation is this:

Be contagious with change!

Be contagious with change!


Oftentimes, many will be lost in their attempts to find their “here.” This happens because we forget that our “here” is significant to us. We were not created to walk in someone else’s shoes. Do you know where your “here” is? It is right now! Today marks the new beginning of tomorrow. As you operate in your right now, walk in the awareness of your space, your presence. But be forewarned: being present requires resilience, tenacity, hope, and endurance. Look at the person next to you. They didn’t get here by chance; they got here by being present. Being present means being uncomfortable. It means being pushed when you aren’t motivated. It means thriving when you can’t see the other side.

I’m a big believer in signs, ordination, and intuition. After experiencing different trials throughout my life, I had to ask myself — Why the failures? Why the successes? Looking at the list of both, I saw a higher power behind the successes. More often than not, what I thought were failures became a vital part of learning who I really was, and adding to the worth of the spaces in which I operate today. I believe in an individual’s ability to change and improve the essence of their own life and to view their roles and responsibilities as catalysts to help jumpstart the transformation and growth of others.

You are ready! You are ready to start tackling the oppositions around you and bringing out the best in those who desire to learn from you. Think of yourself as a disruptive innovator—here to shake things up and lead those placed in your path to divine eminence.

You have earned your place. You have created your significance. You can now be contagious with change. Allow your actions, experience, expertise, and attitude to become infectious. Be consistent in your efforts. Be committed to change. Understand the consequences of not operating within your greatest capacity. You were designed with purpose and meant for greatness. Don’t be afraid to share your merits with the world. Your principles are needed in the spaces you will inhabit. Someone outside this space longs to know what it feels like to be here!!!! Someone desires to learn how to be contagious with change and to achieve their own greatness, and they want to learn from YOU!

But I charge you to first pour into yourself. There is someone waiting in the shadows, ready to have a cup of value with you. Don’t be afraid to keep pouring, because right now your cup runneth over. You have been gifted with an opportunity to escort others on their journey toward purpose. Be epic with enthusiasm. Extend yourself beyond what is expected of you. Be profound in your wisdom. Be contagious in your thought! Then, and only then, will you learn how to give life meaning.

I want to close with a quote from Author Treka L. House:

“The only thing that’s too late is yesterday. Everything else is possible.”

We are here! We are listening! We care!


Dr. Taaka Cash